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3 Ways to Participate:

  • Exhibit

  • Sponsor

  • Advertise


Virtual Exhibit Booth
$800 Members; $1,500 Non Members

What comes with an exhibit booth?

  • Standard Virtual Booth Space

  • Live broadcasts from your office/home office

  • Video chat with booth visitors [including a notification of who enters your booth to personally invite them to go on screen to chat]

  • Lead generation tool - you will receive data of all visitors to your booth

  • Ability to present your services (by sharing your screen)

  • Group text chat with conference participants

  • Digital File Inserts: (up to 3 files). Files will be listed on the TAHC&H app and the virtual exhibit booth. Insert your organization’s white paper, brochure, infographic, etc.

  • Detailed Company Listing: TAHC&H Website: Link to company webpage; App & Virtual Exhibit Hall: Company logo, website, description and social links

  • Exhibit Hall Traffic Builder Game: Designed to drive attendees to your booth. Attendees will gain entries into our prize drawing for answering a polling question (provided by the exhibitor) within each exhibit booth. The more booths the attendee visits and polling questions they answer, the more entries they receive into the drawing.  TIP: Make your polling question related to your company’s product/service. You will receive data analytics for the poll including full name, email and poll answer.

  • Pre and post show electronic attendee list – allowing you to personally invite attendees to your booth for prize drawings, virtual giveaways, free resources, etc. (includes mailing address, phone, fax, email.

  • Admission for two to educational workshops; (For exhibit personnel only, non-transferable)


Exhibit Agenda:

Exhibit hall will be open the entire event with the recommended times below set aside for dedicated “live” exhibit interaction time. Exhibitors have the ability to switch from the live, screen sharing format to on-demand video format at any time. The most popular option is to have staff live during the dedicated exhibit hall times and switch to a video for the remaining time.   

Tuesday, February 9

9:35am-10:30am                   Exhibit Hall Live [dedicated time to exhibitors]
12:00pm-1:30pm                   Exhibit Hall Live [optional. also attendee’s lunch break]
8:30am-3:00pm                     Conference Live


Thursday, February 11

9:35am-10:30am                   Exhibit Hall Live [dedicated time to exhibitors]
12:00pm-1:30pm                   Exhibit Hall Live [optional. also attendee’s lunch break]
8:30am-3:00pm                     Conference Live



  • Have your staff live during the dedicated exhibit hall times. While live – be sure to monitor the booth diligently. You will receive a visual notification of the attendee’s name when they enter the booth. Speak to them and invite them on screen! Start the conversation!

  • Use the attendee list TAHC&H sends prior to the event to schedule meetings anytime during the event. You can also easily schedule private meetings outside of your booth within the Hopin platform. You can also create mini sessions and invite attendees to your booth to learn about a certain topic.

  • Get creative – don’t just sit at your desk with the webcam pointed at you while you check your email. Share your screen with eye catching content. It can even just be light-hearted and irrelevant to your product – something to get the attendee to keep looking!

  • Giveaway free stuff! Even though the event is virtual, there are still lots of ways to do prize drawings. Your virtual booth comes with a lead retrieval perfect for registering visitors for prizes. You can alsp use this same button to link attendees to your website with a special gift/coupon code. Advertise the giveaway on your booth artwork so attendees will see it prior to going “in” to your booth. Hook them in!


Quotes from past virtual exhibitors:

  • “Best virtual platform so far!!”

  • “The hopin booth was the best I have been a part of so far!”


Gold Sponsor [limit 2]

$4,000 Members; $6,000 Non Members

  • Largest Exhibit Booth space with prominent placement

  • Company logo on conference platform reception page (main hub for event)

  • Logo on all handout coversheets

  • Logo with hyperlink on TAHC&H website

  • Digital flyer inserts on TAHC&H app and virtual exhibit booth

  • Logo on all Winter Conference email marketing materials

  • Recognition of your organization and its sponsor support via social media on TAHC&H's Facebook and Instagram channels

  • Opportunity to introduce one general session and two breakout session with your organization's logo displayed in the virtual session room.

  • Conference admission for booth staff personnel

  • Dedicated menu button in event listing on TAHC&H app

  • Complimentary banner ad under Winter Conference Event on TAHC&H app

  • One featured push notification during the live event hours.



App Splash Ad [exclusive]

$750 Members; $1,500 Non Members

Every attendee will see your full-screen ad for approx. 4 seconds before the Winter Conference event sections loads on the TAHC&H app.


App Banner Ad [limit 3]

$350 Members; $7500 Non Members

This banner ad will rotate among most pages within the Annual Meeting event sections of the TAHC&H app. Direct attendees to your website or social media instantly!

Quick-Hits Session Sponsor [limit 3 per timeslot]
$1,500 Members; $3,000 Non Members

Do you have valuable information to share with attendees? Is there a hot-topic of education you’re willing to present? Sponsor a quick-hits session and be the main attraction! Here’s how it will work:

  • Each day during the virtual Winter Conference, we will have two 25-minute Quick-Hits programming blocks. During that time, attendees can pick from one of three sponsored sessions to attend (one of which could be YOURS!). Sponsorship is for one timeslot on one day of the program. Want to present more than once? Purchase multiple sponsorships.

  • The sessions should be 60% educational (15 out of 25 minutes) with the remaining 10 minutes of the training open to promotion of your company/Q&A.

  • Continuing education for administrators will depend on the content being offered. All content must meet the standards at 558.259 / 260 and be approved by TAHC&H prior to sponsorship being accepted


Additional sponsorship benefits include:

  • Recognition in opening remarks the day of your session.

  • Reading of a 100-word or less company description prior to the sponsored session start time

  • Attendee list of participants including mailing address and emails.

  • Company highlight in attendee login information email sent out one week before event– can include company logo and one hyperlink.

  • 2 complimentary event registrations (non-transferable)

Quotes from past quick hits sponsors:

  • “I had a great experience presenting at the Quick Hits Session…the site was very easy to use and it was nice that there was a lot of communication prior to my session and even a training of the site. I felt well prepared and informed on what was going to happen that day. The session went very smooth”

  • “Well put together and organized!”

TAHC&H Session Sponsor (one per session)
$500 Member; $1 500 Non Member

Is there a particular speaker or topic you would like to sponsor of an existing Winter Conference session? Sponsors gain exposure by introducing your organization (3-5 sentences), and the session speaker. In lieu of providing a live person to introduce the speaker, the sponsor may provide a brief promotional video (30-60 seconds) to be aired instead. Also includes pre- and post-show attendee mailing lists, and admission for one to educational workshops the day of your sponsorship.

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